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Buy Hoverboards in South Africa

Mini-segways or better known as hoverboards are the 21st century personal transport evolution. They are self-balance boards that are fun and not limited to any age group.

These fun ‘toys’ are a form of personal transport, they resemble a skateboard and use multiple 3-way sensors and gyroscopes to keep the user upright and balanced. The self-balancing board Segway is not only fun, it is also environmentally friendly, quiet and has extremely low maintenance costs. With a variety of hoverboards being readily available consumers consumers can pick a device according to their needs. One of the features included which is extremely impressive is the Bluetooth speaker and with 2 to 3 hours battery life, the hoverboard is good for safe and long travel.

Hoverboards are perfect to operate indoors and outdoors, their wheels house the electric motors themselves. With the tilt and speeds sensor built-in these devices, the revolutions (per minute) of each individual wheel can be detected. All the information is then sent to the speed control boards located inside the main body. Operating a hoverboard becomes a walk-in-the-park once you’ve gotten the hang of it – average time to proficiency is only around 5 minutes.